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R199 Program Timer 4 R199
Program Timer 4

Monroe Electronics’ Model R199 Program Timer 4, provides four, independent 2 x 1 (A/B) balanced stereo audio follow video relay switches.

A LAN interface is supplied with an included server, enabling real time operation over the www or local network. Entering and editing of events and time is done with any web compatible browser.

Data Sheet PDF
Manual PDF


Program Timer jr.

Model 631 Program Timer Jr. is a timing control unit with applications in the cable television and broadcasting industries. It controls an integral 2x1 (AB) balanced stereo audio-follow-video switch in response to weekly time-programmed events. Program up to six on events and six off events per weekly schedule.

The Model 631A is extremely simple to program. Programming an event takes only five keystrokes. Program an event to occur at a specific time of the week (e.g. Monday at 08:00 AM), or use block programming commands to quickly and simply program an event to occur Monday through Friday, Monday through Saturday, Monday through Sunday, or Saturday/Sunday. Each block command consumes only one of the available events. Manual override of timed events is accomplished with a single key stroke.

Data Sheet PDF
Manual PDF

Program Timer III

Monroe Electronics’ Model 639 Program Timer III provides 2x1 (AB) balanced stereo audio follow video switching. It has an included control program allowing 100 separate weekly events, and 20 separate dated events. Timer set up and programming, or real time control, is via the internal server using a web browser.
If the device is used on a network with a NTP, the user may set the unit to update the clock daily for increased accuracy. Additionally, manual testing of the unit may be via the included pushbutton on the top. The video switch portion of this unit utilizes RF rated relays that allow switching of trunk signals up to +60 dBmV, or digital data streams up to 250 Mbs.

Data Sheet PDF

Manual PDF

Program Timer 2

The Model R153 is a timing control unit with applications in the cable television and broadcasting industries. It controls 16 open-collector output devices in response to time-programmed events. Use these output devices to control audio/video relays, switchable modulators, processors, and receivers in headend locations. Other applications include control of uplink encoders, downlink decoders, video-cassette machines, and message generators.

Program up to 999 separate events to occur at a specific time, up to 364 days in advance. An event may be stored as a specific month/date/time, or a particular day of the month (every Monday for the month of July), or any day (every Friday for the year). Program these events via a serial commnications port, modem or LAN using SYNOPSIS 2 applications software (included) to upload, download, and edit all program timing and switching information from an undedicated IBM-compatible PC

Data Sheet PDF
Manual PDF
Download SYNOPSIS2 software V2.02b
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