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Emergency Alert Systems for IPTV, CATV and Campus PRODUCTS for EAS

R189SE One-NetSE
The Monroe One-NetSE EAS Encoder/Decoder was designed to keep pace with the ever-changing headend environment. With a standard 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet connection this device can communicate via your network with the new digital platforms or be accessed via the Internet for monitoring or downloading upgrades.
Triple-Port Ethernet Expansion
Triple Port Gigabit Ethernet Expansion option
(R189se). This FACTORY INSTALLED option adds three (3) 10/100/1000bT Ethernet ports for a total of four (4) unique Ethernet network links (Note: The standard R189se Ethernet port remains 10/100bT). Please contact the factory regarding upgrading in-field units .

Custom Message Pro (CMPro™) is a powerful upgrade to the Custom Message Plus option, offering a better and more rapid means to communicate highly targeted messages to audiences with very specific information relating to an event, it’s location, and important instructions.
This internal option provides a streaming EAS message source that can be uni-cast or multi-cast. This encoded EAS stream can be used as tune-to channel or providing an audio source for edge decoders from RGB or Vecima.
Local/Network Controlled Independent 4-channel Stereo Audio or
Stereo-Audio-Follow-Video/RF Switching System.

LAN Hub Controller
Monroe Electronics’ Model R-190A supplies remote contact closure from any web browser. This allows the operator to perform remote functions at remote sites with contact closures.
    LAN IP addresses may be assigned to the R190A from any PC, using a web browser.
EAS Analog Digital override interface
Monroe Model 988 allows insertion of Local Voice Alerts into any manufacturer’s EAS system.
AV Comb Filter Generator
Monroe’s R180/AV Series Audio/Video Comb Filter Generators have been approved for small cable systems -- plus digital. New advanced technologies with joint development by Idea/onics, the master of CATV Comb Generators, and Monroe Electronics, the master of CATV Solutions.
Baseband Switch master
The Model R177M Master Baseband Switch is the “master” or “stereo slave” unit to provide balanced stereo audio follow baseband video switching on contact closure, for a cost effective EAS system.

The R194 is an eight channel on-screen composite video text character generator that can overlay characters onto program video during EAS alerts. Alert audio also replaces program audio for each channel. Video loop-thru connections are all BNC type. Audio loop-thru connections are all pluggable screw terminals. Control is by standard RS-232 signaling using DB9 type connectors. Up to 32 R194’s can be daisy-chained together to allow EAS service to as many as 255 individual analog channels from a single Monroe EAS controller
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