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Incorporated in 1954 in Rochester, NY (Monroe County), Monroe Electronics started out as a custom engineering house, designing and manufacturing specialized instrumentation & systems for local industries. In the late 1950’s, Robert E. Vosteen, the Company’s founder invented a reliable, precise, drift-free method for non-contacting measurement of static electricity. This feedback electrostatic measurement technique became the international standard for measurements utilized in photocopier R&D, industrial monitoring, sensitive electronic assembly, bio-electric research, lightning warning, among many other areas. We currently offer a complete line of electrostatic measuring instruments including electrostatic voltmeters, electrostatic fieldmeters, coulomb meters and resistivity meters through a world wide group of distributors and representatives.

In the late 1960’s we became more involved in timed & remote control of processes for various industries. This led us to the development of the original high speed cue tone decoders giving us the ability to use cue tones to control almost anything which had an audio path to it. In the late 1970’s, working with HBO, we pioneered the use of cue tone switching for unattended headend control in the CATV industry. In recent years we’ve developed an EAS system that has been widely accepted in the CATV market. We continue to apply our techniques in the Broadcast Radio and Television markets as well as security and process control markets.

All of our R&D, manufacturing, sales and customer service takes place in our Lyndonville, NY facility. We strive to be innovative while maintaining our reputation for quality, reliability and service. Our designs are innovative and reliable. We make every effort to provide prompt, courteous service and make every effort to meet the needs of your application. Please feel free to ask us about your specific needs. We are looking forward to serving you.


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